Hyde Town Team

Hyde Town team is a not for profit organisation made up of local businesses, faith representation, members of the local community, the local MP, Councillors and Council officers. It is Chaired by Julia Harrison. IT IS HOWEVER TOTALLY INDEPENDANT OF TAMESIDE MBC.

The Team was set up in October 2012 to try and get all the different people who work, live and shop in Hyde to work in partnership to help Hyde to grow and thrive.

Executive Team Members

Julia Harrison – Chair
Neil Openshaw – Vice chair & Marketing
Claire Davies– Treasurer
Anne Heath – Secretary
Alan Havery – Business representative
Wendy Hobin – Indoor Markets representative
Monique Melia Boots Chemist – Large Retail Representativee
Tom Luke – Faith representative
Roger Bamford – Community representative
Harvey Beeley – Community representative
Claire Hyde – Pub watch
Cllr. J Bell – Hyde Werneth
Cllr. P Fitzpatrick – Hyde Newton
Cllr. J Fitzpatrick – Hyde Godley
Thomas Robinson – Representing Jonathan Reynolds M.P.

The Town Team constitution sets out its vision for Hyde as:

  • An energised and regenerated Hyde, existing as a thriving, vibrant, economically prosperous market town.
  • A diverse community that works together, sharing a strong sense of civic pride.
  • A community which harnesses the talents of it’s people, creativity, entrepreneurship and passion – to make sustainable changes
  • A community which works in partnership and collaboration with other stakeholders in Hyde’s future.

Successes to date

  • Agreed, funded and will administer this website that will also link into other appropriate websites as well holding a business directory promoting the businesses in Hyde.
  • Successfully applied for a grant to fund an information leaflet to promote the Town, businesses and community events and groups.
  • Worked with a consultancy firm to produce a long term vision for Hyde that is designed to improve the survival of the Town Centre in the future given the current rate of decline in the traditional high street.
  • Ran a successful food bank and organised Christmas trees on the front of shops on the Town Centre at Christmas.
  • Successfully worked with the Council to provide additional on street parking
  • Has produced a co-ordinated events programme consolidating everything that is happening in Hyde into one place in advance of the new website.
  • Established a working relationship with both Asda who liaise with the other nationals on the Town Centre and the Clarendon Centre management.
  • Has held a series of successful fundraising table top sales on the market ground.
  • Worked with the Council regarding banners and hanging baskets on the new civic square.
  • Arranged for a series of entertainment every Saturday on the civic square in an attempt to increase footfall.